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Twin Tank 2 x 8 litre DI System

Twin Tank 2 x 8 litre DI System
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Price: $620.00
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Model: Twin 8 ltr tanks
Manufacturer: WCW

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Include trolley and straps:
Filled with 16 ltrs of resin:
Handy resin filling funnel:

Twin Tank 2 x 8 litre DI Pure Water System

*** NEW ***  This new system from Window Cleaning World maximises the amount of pure water you get from your resin. 

SAVE ON Resin Costs by up to 30%

Never get caught on a job with a failing DI tank again - You will always have one tank in reserve.

  • No longer do you have to throw away resin when it produces a TDS of about 30 (when it starts to produce spotting) It is still removing most of the disolved salts and sending pre filtered water to Tank No. 2
  • Instead keep using the resin in Tank No.1 until it is completely exhausted and stops reducing the Input TDS.
  • Then renew the resin and put Tank No.2 in the No.1 position and the fresh resin tank in the No. 2 position
  • Effectively doubles the"column height" of the resin, thus working far more efficiently than a "squat" 12.5 ltr system
  • No tools required for removing tanks for resin change - it is a simple 10 minute job.
  • Light enough for Lift and Carry operation (even with trolley attached)
  • Includes inline TDS meter that monitors both tanks.
  • Optional trolley upgrade
  • Backpack is optional but not included.

Introduction video:

Instructional video:

Twin Tank 2 x 8 litre DI System
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Twin Tank 2 x 8 litre DI System
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