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The Injector - Soap Dispenser

The Injector - Soap Dispenser
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Price: $275.00
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Model: 2.1 ltr
Manufacturer: WCW

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The Injector

  • Soap dispenser for waterfed pole window cleaning
  • Vision - Pure Water Additive is highly recommended, especially for hydrophobic glass
  • Add some extra 'oomph' to your cleaning effort
  • Titan Green is brilliant as an additive for softwashing jobs
  • GG3 is also a very good additive for window cleaning
  • Dispenses additives (chemicals) directly into your water flow at a constant rate
  • Unlike other soap dispenser where the solution decays and becomes weaker due to it getting diluted
  • Patented USA Award Winning Design
  • Uses venturi principal
  • Pressure range 40-100psi
  • Doses at a ratio of 200:1.
  • The Injector has a capacity of 2.1 litres so will dose 420 litres of water with any liquid additive.
  • Comes with male Gardena style quick connects for easy connection to your hose fittings

Vison Additive:

The Injector - Soap Dispenser
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